TRAP-033 Queen of the Dragons

Item Number

Beta Yellow; Neutral

Required Access Level
Level 3

TRAP-033 is a 27 year old Caucasian female who is informally named "Layla" though, she seems to prefer being called "Corynn". 033 stands at 5 feet and 7 inches. She can often be found wearing athletic shorts or jeans as well as a t-shirt that matches in some way.. 033 has long blonde, wavy hair that comes past her shoulders and green eyes.
TRAP-033's anomalous properties first manifested while she was on the phone with her boyfriend at the time. Not paying attention to where she was walking and ran into a wall. Or rather would've had she not been teleported to the Realm of Beasts. Here, 033 found herself before a throne made from molten rock and a strange red stone. The throne was sculpted to look like a skull, presumably one of a dragon, with the lower jaw serving as the base and the upper jaw as the back of the seat. On the throne sat a golden crown, made to look like Eastern dragons intertwined. TRAP-033 moved forward instinctively, grabbed the crown and placed it on her head. Immediately afterwards, a hoard of dragons began to gather in the room. 033 stated that all different types of dragons were present. These included, but were not limited to, dragons, drakes, hydras, wyverns, lung dragons, and lindwurms.1 TRAP-021 and TRAP-077 were noted to be present. Similar to what happened with TRAP-032, the dragons telepathically communicated with TRAP-033, welcoming her as the newest "Queen of the Dragons". A similar warning was also given to 033 as it was given to TRAP-032. The reasons for these warnings are still unknown. A discussion has been recorded between Dr. Lockwood, Dr. Lopez, and Dr. Palen as to why both TRAP-033 and TRAP-032 were warned about the others2. Another thing to call out was the specific warning 033 was given about TRAP-032. Reasons for these specific call outs are unknown and research is ongoing.
After the warnings were given, TRAP-033 fell through the ground and dropped back into our world approximately 10 miles in the air. Described by 033 herself, her instincts kicked in and out of her back sprung a pair of scaly, neon red bat wings laced with sea-foam teal accents. She also had a long reptilian-like tail sprout from the bottom base of her back which shared the same colors as the wings. 033 would then get to safety, landing on the nearest skyscraper. Unfortunately, the rush of adrenaline had ended and her wings and tail retracted back into her body3. This lead to TRAP-033 being stranded on top of the building until coast guard helicopters retrieved her and brought her back down to the ground. It was only a few minutes after 033's discharge from the closest police station4, she began to recive text messages from her friends who all claimed to have "super powers" given to them. They all planned to meet up on a harbor just outside of their town to figure out what was going on. At the harbor, they all shared all their respective anomalous abilities and told each other of their respective encounters. A few days after this meet-up, TRAP-033 was captured by TRAP authorities5.
TRAP-033's anomalous properties include telepathy towards dragons and the ability to utilize any physical draconic characteristics. This means she could take on physical attributes of TRAP-021, TRAP-077, or any other dragon for that matter. This also includes turning her entire body into that of a dragon. Amazingly though, she retains her human intalect and contocness. 033 also has the ability to create portals to the Realm of Beasts without having said portals corrupting the surrounding area.

Edit: Upon news of the creation of ATF-Alpha O5 and the massive amount of success they had, TRAP-035 submitted a formal request for the creation of ATF-Beta O9 to Higher-Up 9. After much debate, TRAP-035's request was formally accepted and ATF-Beta O9 was officially formed.

Edit: Through unknown means, three new anomalies have spontaneously appeared in TRAP-033's containment cell on an undisclosed date. These new anomalies all share physical and anomalous characteristics of TRAP-033 and TRAP-035. Their existence in of itself is an anomaly as 033 and TRAP-035 never had sexual intercourse let alone TRAP-033 ever being pregnant.6. One of the anomalies is an "amped up" version of TRAP-035. The other two, however, are seemingly combinations of the two anomalies. The Higher-Ups have deemed it safe for two of the children to remain in the facility. They will be cared for by TRAP-033 and TRAP-035 the majority of the time. Otherwise, the "children" will be cared for by on-site personnel.

Containment Procedures
TRAP-033 is to be kept in a 825 square foot, single bedroom apartment. There must be a door connecting the room to the rest of the TRAP facility and a set of stairs connecting to a lounge. Said lounge should be big enough to very comfortably house five people.
The room 033 is housed in must have all the modern day appliances like electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, etc. 033 is to remain in her cell when not conducting tests or in between social hours. 033 is not allowed to use any anomalous abilities that are connected to any draconic entities or their respective properties that TRAP-033 might have access to. The only exception to this rule is the telepathic communication 033 has with any small personal dragons in order to maintain balance in the Realm of Beasts.
TRAP-033 is only permitted to use her abilities during testing, training, and ATF-Beta O9 missions.

TRAP-033 was originally located at Site 2. However, due to the fact that TRAP-021 being located at the same location as 033 and TRAP-077 being located at Site 5, she has been moved to Site 4. The rest of ATF-Beta O9 has also been transferred to Site 4.

Test Logs

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