TRAP-032 Empress of Bats

Item Number

Beta Yellow; Neutral

Required Access Level
Level 3

TRAP-032 is a 27 year old Asian female who goes by the name of "Nat". 032 has black hair which comes down to her shoulder. TRAP-032 stands at about 5'3. She can often be found wearing a sweater and khaki pants. 032 also wears a pin in her hair with a sheep ordainment. Since the awakening of her anomalous properties, TRAP-032 has noted that the length of her upper canines have ever so slightly increased.
TRAP-032's abilities first manifested in a dream. According to 032, she was soaring through an empty glowing city in the middle of the night. As she flew, bats slowly began to join her. First it was a simple brown bat, then a predatory looking bat the size of a hawk, then a bat that could be described as a furry wyvern. TRAP-032 then suddenly awoke to bats flying all around her. She panicked and screamed for the bats to go away. Obediently, the bats left her room disappearing like wisps of smoke. However, the bats' absence was not long as soon, 032's room began to warp and change into a dark musty cavern. In the middle of the cave was a throne made of stalagmites and dark stones. The back of the throne was sculpted to appear like a pair of bat wings. TRAP-032 walked over to the throne and touched it. Upon contact, bats of many different sizes and appearances suddenly manifested in the cavern1. All of them looked at 032 with blank expressions. Then, at once, a mass of voices spoke at once. They said,"Welcome, Empress of the Night." A smaller, relatively normal looking bat then fluttered down before 032. It declared that he, Pipi would be TRAP-032's personal companion and her eyes and ears for the Realm of Beasts. Pipi also warned her of her ties to The Maker2, The Null3, The Druid4, The Survivor5, and especially The Queen6. Before more could be said, the cavern began to warp and distort back into 032's bedroom. Soon after, her phone began to blow up. 032 told interviewers that her friends7 had also had some strange things happening to them at approximately the same time. They all planned to meet up on a harbor just outside of their town to figure out what was going on. At the harbor, they all shared all their respective anomalous abilities and told each other of their respective encounters. A few days after this meet-up, TRAP-032 was captured by TRAP authorities.
TRAP-032 has a myriad of abilities as the "ruler" of an alternate dimension. However, these abilities are still limited due to her relation to bats. 032 with her base properties has telepathy, super enhanced echolocation, ability copying8, and the ability to freely travel to the Realm of Beasts. 032 does suffer from fatigue every once and a while as these abilities do take some amount of focus.

Edit: Upon news of the creation of ATF-Alpha O5 and the massive amount of success they had, TRAP-035 submitted a formal request for the creation of ATF-Beta O9 to Higher-Up 9. After much debate, TRAP-035's request was formally accepted and ATF-Beta O9 was offically formed.

Edit: While TRAP-032 was located at Site 2, she came into contact with TRAP-420 and seemingly gained access to TRAP-420's anomalous property of flying without any outside assistance. This begs the question if 032 is capable of replicating any anomalous abilities of any bat based anomalies. Testing is ongoing.

Containment Procedures
TRAP-032 is to be kept in a 825 square foot, single bedroom apartment. There must be a door connecting the room to the rest of the TRAP facility and a set of stairs connecting to a lounge. Said lounge should be big enough to very comfortably house five people.
The room 032 is housed in must have all the modern day appliances like electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, etc. 032 is to remain in her cell when not conducting tests or in between social hours. 032 is not allowed to use any anomalous abilities that are connected to any anomalous bat related creatures that TRAP-032 might have access to. The only exception to this rule is the telepathic communication 032 has with Pipi in order to have balance in the Realm of Beasts.
TRAP-032 is only permitted to use her abilities during testing, training, and ATF-Beta O9 missions.

TRAP-032 was originally located at Site 2. However, due to the fact that TRAP-420 being located at the same location as 032, TRAP-032 has been moved to Site 4. The rest of ATF-Beta O9 has also been transferred to Site 4.

Test Logs

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