TRAP-031 Creature Boy

Item Number

Beta Yellow; Neutral

Required Access Level
Level 3

TRAP-031 is a 28 year old Caucasian male who is informally called "Ryan". He has brown/dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. 031 stands at 5 feet and 8 inches. He can often be found wearing a jacket of some sort with jeans. 031 also has a scar on his left palm from when he first discovered his anomalous ability.
TRAP-031 first awakened his hidden talent while making home repairs. 031 stated in an interview that he was replacing floor tiles in his home when the incident occurred. He claimed to be in a state of frustration because he wanted to be working on a personal world building project of his rather than replacing tiles. TRAP-031 was trying to pull up a piece of stuck tile when its sharp edges cut through 031's glove and into his hand. The combination of the pain, blood, and overall frustration led to the development of his anomaly. In a split second, the piece of tile had morphed into a small lizard-like creature with a sharp blade head. TRAP-031 and the creature looked at each other before the thing screamed at him and ran off. This was the first creation of an instance of TRAP-031-Beta.
According to 031, from that point on, he couldn't touch anything with his hand without it turning into some sort of monster. The only exception seemed to be a pair of black cotton gloves. No sooner had TRAP-031 found a solution to his problem, his phone began to blow up. 031 told the interviewers that his friends1 had also had some strange and wacky things happening to them at the same time. They all planned to meet up on a harbor just outside of their town to figure out what was going on. At the harbor, they all shared all their respective anomalous abilities. A few days after this encounter, TRAP-031 was captured by TRAP authorities.
TRAP-031's anomalous abilities are quite simple and unique. He can turn any living or nonliving thing into an instance of TRAP-031-Beta. These creatures' appearances are based around the object that was used to make it and the design 031 had in mind. Further stimulation through testing has revealed that 031 can telepathically control what instances of 031-Beta can do. Over the few years that TRAP-031 has been in containment, the number of creatures that he can manifest and control has grown. Though it does seem like the number of 031-Beta instances does rely on the mass of said instances.

Edit: Upon news of the creation of ATF-Alpha O5 and the massive amount of success they had, TRAP-035 submitted a formal request for the creation of ATF-Beta O9 to Higher-Up 9. After much debate, TRAP-035's request was formally accepted and ATF-Beta O9 was offically formed.

Containment Procedures
TRAP-031 is to be kept in a 825 square foot, single bedroom apartment. There must be a door connecting the room to the rest of the TRAP facility and a set of stairs connecting to a lounge. Said lounge should be big enough to very comfortably house five people.
The room 031 is housed in must have all the modern day appliances like electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, etc. 031 is to remain in his cell when not conducting tests or in between social hours. TRAP-031 is not allowed to create any TRAP-031-Beta without permission and is to keep on a synthetically made pair of black gloves. These gloves are made out of hair samples that were produced by 031 himself. These gloves are helpful in containing TRAP-031's abilities and serve as a back up plan in case TRAP-035's anomalous properties ever de-manifest.
TRAP-031 is only permitted to use his abilities during testing, training, and ATF-Beta O9 missions.

TRAP-031 was originally located at Site 2. However, due to the fact that TRAP-021 and TRAP-420 being located at the same location as TRAP-032 and TRAP-033, 031 has been moved to Site 4. The rest of ATF-Beta O9 has also been transferred to Site 4.

Test Logs

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