TRAP-022 Mouth On A Wall

Item Number:

Beta Red; Threat

Required Access Level:
Level 3

TRAP-022 is a fungus that grows on anything and everything. DNA shows an interesting combination of human DNA as well as a multitude of other fungi. 022 has a main hive where it has a large, human like mouth on a vertical wall. And although it has a mouth, it seems that it doesn't require nutrition. The fungus needs a host in order to reproduce and will infect anyone if given the chance.
TRAP-022 was originally discovered in the Andes Mountains where a large case of missing people files where showing up. It got even stranger when photos of the object growing on the tops of mountains went viral online. The photos had time stamps that showed the vines growing three inches per minute. The TRAP Organization was contacted soon after the pictures were posted. MCF-Gamma B4 was sent in to recover the target. When MCF-Gamma B4 arrived at the hive, they were horrified with what they saw. All of the missing people where in transparent, leafy cocoons. When one of the agents attempted to open a cocoon, it ruptured violently and revealed a tiny 022. The leader of the team called for immediate evacuation. The rest of the team pulled out their firearms and shot at both instances of TRAP-022. While under fire, the first specimen released spores into the air. At the same time, a helicopter arrived and picked up the team.1 Later, in Site 6, MCF-Gamma B4 was put into quarantine. Three days later, Agent Thompson went through the transfermation prosses and became a more hostile 022. The rest of the team was released without any problems.

Containment Procedures:
TRAP-022's containment cell is not to be opened at any given time. The specimen in containment is more aggressive and more active than the previous one. It's sporing seasons happen more often as well. During this time, all ventilation shafts connected to the cell are to be closed. This is the main reason TRAP-022's cell is separated from the main building of Site 6.
If the spores do manage to breach containment and get into the rest of Site 6, all employees are to evacuate and do the following:
Cut the power to the site. This should cause 022 to shrivel up and die. After 24 hours, MCF-Gamma B4 are to go in and burn up the shriveled remains of 022. Any anomaly found inside Site 6 is to be thought of another instance of 022 and terminated.

TRAP-022 is currently located at Site 6.

Test Logs:

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