TRAP-002 "You Came For Some Meat"

Item Number

Beta Yellow; Threat

Required Access Level
Level 3

TRAP-002 is made up of two separate anomalies. The first anomaly is a butcher's store consisting of two different parts, the smaller more cubic room is the customer service area, and the larger more rectangular backroom is where frozen meats and skinned animal carcasses. The building its self is on an 1800 square foot plot of land. When inside the storage area of 002, the rows of meat go on forever and have no end to them. Depending on who enters 002's storage room, they will see a certain type of meat. For example, if a hunter were to walk into 002, they would most likely see the skinned carcasses of deer.
The second part of TRAP-002 is TRAP-002-1 - 5. TRAP-002-1 - 5's manifestation is dependent on the person who walks in but will always manifest in the storage area. Each instance of 002-1 - 5 represents the animal that can be found in 002 at the given time with a more humanoid twist to them. One physical trait that 002-1 - 5 all have in common is that they all wear the skulls of their designated creature and chard-black skin. They have abnormal yellow eyes that seem to glow, however, the eyes do not actually produce any light. TRAP-002-1 - 5 are all very hostile to anything that enters, especially humans. The known manifestations are:

  • TRAP-002-1: The pig/hog manifestation: Manifests for regular people and hog hunters
  • TRAP-002-2: The cow/bull manifestation: Manifests for regular people and farmers
  • TRAP-002-3: The bird manifestation; includes quails, chicken, etc.: Manifests for bird hunters
  • TRAP-002-4: The deer manifestation: Manifests for deer hunters
  • TRAP-002-5: The human manifestation: This is a rare occurrence when a serial killer is put in TRAP-002. in this case, the manifestations of meat would be human corpses as well as TRAP-002-5 being a black human wearing a human skull.

TRAP-002s reason for manifestation is unknown, though, it may have something to do with the "store's" owner, Eddie Samual. Searches have been done to find the supposed owner through records and witnesses, but they have been proved fruitless.

Containment Procedures
TRAP-002 is to be patrolled at all times by MCF-Omega E5. Nobody is allowed in or out unless given special permission to enter the building. If any civilian tries entering, they are to be treated with level C amnestic and moved to a safe location. In the event that a civilian does in fact get in, MCF-Omega E5 agents are to rescue the said person from TRAP-002-1 - 5. If the civilian did not come into contact with TRAP-002-1 - 5, then they are to be treated with level A amnestics. If the civilian does happen to encounter any manifestation of TRAP-002-1 - 5, they are to be retrieved and delivered level C amnestics. Tests are also to be done once every month to make sure TRAP-002 stays in its current anomalous state and does not get any more out of hand.

TRAP-002 is located near Site 1

Test Logs
Test Log 1
Test Log 2

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