Thoughts On TRAP-031 - TRAP-036

[Opening Audio Log….]

[Dr. Lockwood begins by tapping the microphone on his lab coat1 while waiting in silence with Dr. Lopez and Dr. Palen.]

Dr. Lockwood: Alright, I don't know if it's just me but this awkward silence is quite uncomfortable so let's begin shall we.

Dr. Lopez: Yes, let's. I believe there is something that you wanted to bring up briefly, Dr. Palen?

Dr. Palen: Yes I do. This regards the likes of Dr. Lockwood, TRAP-015, TRAP-031 and my proposal.

Dr. Lockwood: Oh boy, here we go again.

Dr. Palen: I would like to note that all of the aforementioned anomalies have similar hair color, skin tone, and anomalous properties. To the average person, this seems outlandish, but, all of the appearances of said anomalies have all resulted in more anomalies being found and documented. Not to mention that all the anomalies have some sort of godly ability. Dr. Lockwood cannot die or age, TRAP-015 is a literal god as is The Overseer. TRAP-031 has the ability to make new forms of life from whatever he touches. Does nobody see what I'm getting at?

Dr. Lopez: While there are some similarities for a few of them, that's all they are.

Dr. Palen: But it doesn't just stop at those anomalies! Take TRAP-033 and TRAP-077. Both correlate with dragons and both have a human and dragon form. Not to mention that the human forms bear striking resemblance to each other!

Dr. Lopez: I have two points to make. First, TRAP-033 is connected to the Realm of Beasts and so is TRAP-077. Second, This could just be something similar to what happened with TRAP-032 and TRAP-420 but in reverse.

Dr. Palen: Wait, hold on. While you have valid points, you're missing the bigger picture! The-

Dr. Lockwood: I think that you, sir, are delusional. Now can we get back to the topic at hand?

Dr. Lopez: Yes. We can talk about this further at a later time.

Dr. Palen: Ugh, fine.

Dr. Lockwood: Great. So, why do you guys think that both the bats with TRAP-032 and the dragons with TRAP-033 seem to be warning them about what seems to be their own friends?

Dr. Lopez: I believe it has something to do with opposites in each of their respective abilities. Think about it like this, there are six of them. Each of them has an "opposite" so to speak.

Dr. Palen: Explain, Dr. Lopez.

Dr. Lopez: Well lets take TRAP-032 and TRAP-033 for example. It is my belife that they are opposites. I think that they represent the opposites of light and dark, day and night.

Dr. Lockwood: Why is that?

Dr. Lopez: Think about it. Bats are creatures of the night and darkness. Dragons, while not inherently only active throughout the day, breathe fire which gives off light.

Dr. Lockwood: I see. So what would be the others?

Dr. Palen: I can see a correlation between TRAP-031 and TRAP-036. It's life and death. Or rather more accurately, existence and nonexistence.

Dr. Lockwood: Ah I see. It's because of TRAP-031's ability to make or create living things and TRAP-035's ability to end the lives of those living things. That's smart.

Dr. Palen: Precisely.

Dr. Lockwood: But then that leaves TRAP-034 and TRAP-036. What would the correlation between them be?

Dr. Lopez: I believe that it's the tributes of true skill and merely looking like you can play that part. TRAP-034's physiology allows for his anomalies properties of complete survival. TRAP-036 on the other hand merely shape-shifts into a form that makes it seem like she would have that skill. For instance, TRAP-036 could look like a muscular individual but would not actually have said muscle mass.

Dr. Lockwood: I see. Now, let me ask some follow up questions. Why warn TRAP-032 and TRAP-033 about the others and why not just each other? And why have they been the only ones out of the group to receive warnings?

Dr. Lopez: To answer both of your questions, we have reason to believe that this concerns the origin of their anomalous properties.

Dr. Palen: Do we even have that information?

Dr. Lopez: According to the lead researcher on the topic, Dr. Charles, everything originates from a couple of texts found from the Medieval ages. According to the text, each of their anomalous properties lead back to the forces of good and evil. Each one is to take a side in a battle that will end with all their demise except one. That one will determine the fate of the world until they die and the cycle repeats.

Dr. Lockwood: So who won last time?

Dr. Palen: A better question is do we need to change containment protocols for them? Do we need to study them closer or keep them separate?

Dr. Lopez: Firstly, we have reason to suspect a third party was involved in the last battle who prevented the winner from enacting their plan. The text states that "when the one who was clad in different animal and monster skins stood from the rubble, an arrow from a wall struck them down. This salvation came from a man on a wall who held a crossbow. The man shouted,'The Knights of the Neutral Helm will protect this realm.' And like that, he disappeared."

Dr. Lockwood: So this Knights of the Neutral Helm group stopped the last winner?

Dr. Lopez: It would seem that way.

Dr. Lockwood: Were they like us? An organization who strives to stop the unnatural?

Dr. Lopez: That could be a possibility. However, we have no other information about this "Knights of the Neutral Helm". Based off the name I would think you're right Dr. Lockwood. But then again, it could just be a mis-translation or a purposeful name chosen to deceive others.

Dr. Lockwood: That's a valid point. We should have someone sent to do some research into this new and old group.

Dr. Palen: Are we just gonna ignore the fact that we might have to de-

Dr. Lopez: We heard you the first time Dr. Palen. To quell your worries, we will set up more cameras and microphones so if they do plan to enact the cycle, we'll be ready. Besides, we also have TRAP-035 working for us. I'd say the chances are pretty slim.

Dr. Lockwood: I feel like that brings up another question. If TRAP-035 is able to nullify abilites, how could the cycle even start?

Dr. Palen: He makes a fair point.

Dr. Lopez: I do not have the answers for your question, Dr. Lockwood. There could be some fluke in the cycle. Or perhaps the cycle has happened enough times that one of the anomalies developed and changed so that they may win or stop the cycle altogether.

Dr. Lockwood: Are you perhaps suggesting that the anomalous properties have a will of their own? I mean that would make sense considering that each of the members of ATF-Beta O9 just kinda spontaneously received their abilities one day.

Dr. Lopez: It's possible the abilities themselves do in fact have their own will. Or perhaps it's the will of the anomaly that first held those powers. We don't have any data to prove or deny this. It's like my personal theory that most of the major conflicts that we know about could be the fights between these anomalies.

Dr. Lockwood: Interesting idea.

Dr. Lopez: Yes. Unfortunately there's no clear cut evidence that my theory is anything more than that. Besides. many people within this organization try tying anomalies and anomalous events with real world events like wars and disasters.

Dr. Palen: Well, as much as I would like to delve further into this, I believe that we have covered the necessary topics. If you'll excuse me, I have research to do. It doesn't help that I have to travel back to Site 1.

Dr. Lockwood: Oh boo hoo. I'm in the same boat as you. Haha! Get it? Cause we're gonna be travel buddies?

Dr. Palen: Dr. Lockwood, please maintain professional behavior while the log is still running.

Dr. Lockwood: Well then we better end it since we're done, right?

[The recording abruptly ends there. Later on, it was confirmed by an irritated Dr. Palen that Dr. Lockwood ended the recording and then immediately asked if anyone wanted pizza to celebrate International Pizza Day.]

[End of Log]

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