MCF Teams

The MCF, or Mobile Containment Force, is a set of elite personnel that have been hand-selected by TRAP's Higher-Ups. They are tasked to contain any TRAPs that need to be contained. Each MCF team is also designated with guarding certain TRAPs.
MCF teams vary greatly in size, composition, and purpose. A combat-oriented MCF is trained to deal with highly aggressive anomalous entities. These teams may consist of hundreds of troops plus support, vehicles, and equipment. They are deployed in whole or in part to deal with threats across the globe. MCFs can also be small and specialized intelligence-gathering or investigative. They may have fewer than a dozen personnel if that is deemed sufficient to accomplish their tasks.
While in the field, MCF members often pose as emergency responders, local or federal law enforcement, or military personnel appropriate to the region in which they are operating. Commanders of any MCF can also request the assistance of local field units or personnel stationed at the nearby TRAP sites.

Below is a list of every MCF organized by TRAP:
Mobile Containment Force Team List
MCF-Gamma B4
MCF-Delta F1
MCF-Epsilon A6
MCF-Omega E5
MCF-Zeta O9

Anomalous Task Force Team List
ATF-Alpha O5
ATF-Beta O9
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