How We Operate

Welcome to TRAP. We are a multi-national organization focused on the containment and understanding of the many anomalies that would disturb the natural order of the world. The word, TRAP, is an acronym that stands for, Target, Recover, Apprehend, and Protect. Targeting the anomalies that walk on this earth. Recovering said anomalies to prevent interaction with the public. Apprehending those anomalies, so we may better understand them. And Protecting the anomalies from the public and the public from the anomalies. We are located all around the world by having sites in the US, Russia, Greece, Japan, and many more, containing anomalies where ever.

Classification Type 1
This type of classification is used for how likely something is to break out of its containment, the only exceptions being for the anomalies that don't pose a threat on their own but with human beings. Each classification is ranked from impossible to very likely:

  • Beta White
  • Beta Yellow
  • Beta Red
  • Alpha White
  • Alpha Yellow
  • Alpha Red

Classification Type 2
The anomalies that are contained here are classified into four different categories. Each classification is as shown, being ranked from least harmful to the most destructive and dangerous, with the only exceptions being for the anomalies that only pose a threat when put with human desires. The list is as follows:

  • Safe
  • Neutral
  • Threat
  • Catastrophic

Card Levels
Key card levels are decided not by classification, but by how dangerous the anomaly is to humans. For example, TRAP-002 requires a level 3 key card due to how violent TRAP-002s manifestations are. There are five card levels:

  • Level 1 key card will grant you access to most of the safe anomalies.
  • Level 2 would grant access to any safe anomaly, most neutrals, and most testing rooms.
  • Level 3 grants access to all neutrals and some threat.
  • Level 4 grants access to all of the above except catastrophic.
  • Level 5 key cards are reserved for the Higher-Ups and access catastrophic.

Personnel Classification
Like the anomaly classification, there is a classification system made for personnel working for the TRAP Organization. The classification system follows the letters A-E with A personnel being the most important to the organization and E being the most expendable. Below is the following list of personnel classification:

  • A Personnel are the most important people in the organization and aren't even allowed to interact with the anomalies that are contained. This includes the Higher Ups and Council members.
  • B Personnel make up the majority of the staff and researchers in the TRAP Organization. These are the people who conduct tests with the anomalies, gather data about them, and make entries for these strange entities.
  • C Personnel are the death row criminals that the Organization takes in and uses for the many tests done on TRAPs. These personnel have some of the lowest privileges in the Organization and are to be supervised at all times when outside their holding cells.
  • D Personnel are the janitors and the maintenance teams that work at the TRAP Organization. They hold slightly more privileges than the C Personnel, but their jobs and positions are considered worse than that of the C Personnel.
  • E Personnel can be broken down into two categories. E1 Personnel are those who are granted either temporary or permanent leave of the organization. E2 Personnel are those who are infected with any anomalous properties or anomalous diseases. E2 Personnel also have no say in what is done with them.

TRAP Staff
The TRAP Organization is wide-stretched and operates all across the earth. The people who make all of this possible are the Staff of the Organization. Below is a complete list of all the roles B Personnel can take on:

  • MCF, also known as Mobile Containment Force, are the armed forces who are responsible for the containment of anomalies and field work. MCF teams differ from the number of people, weapon types, vehicles, etc. MCF make up the majority of the staff in any site and in the over all Organization.
  • Scientists are the people who study the various anomalies. They perform tests on them to help better understand their capabilities and how to properly contain them. There is one sub-branch of scientists:

- Medical is a sub-branch that focus on the treating injured personnel. They rarely ever go near anomalies unless it is absolutely necessary.

  • Site Director is the role that over looks the function of a site and the tests that go on in them. Site Directors have the final say in what happens there. The only people who can override this are the Higher-Ups and the Council.
  • Higher-Ups are the absolute head of the Organization. These are the people who call the shots. Most staff don't know who is a Higher-Up as their identity is kept a secret. There are a few who knows their identities but they are bound to secrecy. If one was to break the secrecy and tell another individual, that Higher-Up, the person who leaked the information, as well as any other receivers of the information will be terminated. There are 13 Higher-Ups.
  • Council Members are a part of the Ethics Committee. These people only report to the Higher-Ups. They are also responsible for the official passing of tests with TRAPs as well as cross-testing multiple anomalies. Higher-Ups are the only people who can override what the Council says. The Council has final say only when it comes to humans with anomalous abilities.

Reality Bender Levels
Reality Benders are anomalous entities that can change the world around them simply with the thought. The levels go 1 through 5.

  • Level 1 is where the entity can instill objects with abnormal properties, but cannot make this things out of thin air. If a reality bender is a level 1, this does not necessarily mean that they are weak. Rather, this just shows that there is a limitation on the changes it can make on the world. These beings cannot destroy any thing through their powers nor can they destroy anything they create
  • Level 2 is the next level in reality benders. Level 2 entities can create things out of thin air. These objects can be anomalous or not. However, they cannot create any living organisms. These being cannot destroy things that they did not create.
  • Level 3 reality benders have the ability to create anomalous and non-anomalous objects. These beings can also create creatures that are anomalous or not. These beings cannot destroy anything that they themselves did not create.
  • Level 4 are capable of doing everything the others can. These entities can alter the world around them in any way on the molecular level. This level is very hard to keep in containment unless they already have a limit placed on them.
  • Level 5 are the most powerful and unrestricted of all reality benders. They are completely free of all rules of the universe. They have the ability to change everything down to the molecular level. They is no way to keep these entities in containment.

This is more to clarify. The timeline located in intro serves more as a outline of big events or major events. It does not include any small information like a security breach or when an anomaly is located. Now, if the world comes to an end, then it would be recorded into the timeline.

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