Groups of Intrest

With all the anomalies in the world, the universe only deems it fit that the TRAP Organization is no alone in its ever-expanding world. Just as there are hunters hunting prey and competing for dominance, there is a multitude of other paranormal fronts that either ally with the TRAP Organization or fight against us.
These groups can be as bad as they are good or, for the most part, indifferent to the TRAP Organization. All of these work with anomalies, whether by selling them, experimenting, murdering or containing. Others, like religions, adore or hate them in relation to their religious beliefs, be they ancient or very recent because of the entity or deity.
These groups are watched and monitored by TRAP. They know about their stocks and try to keep them at bay.
The groups of interest are as follows:
ACE Foundation
Devourers Children
ACE Colition
Knights of the Neutral Helm

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