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TRAP is not responsible for any deaths or serious injuries. The TRAP Organization is not real in any way. TRAP is a website that was made for people to develop their creative writing, role-playing, and world-building skills. Think of this as a practice wiki before joining any higher and more popular wikis. Here, members are allowed to create little blogs and reports about their own fictional monsters, anomalies, and entities. Note that even though we do allow a lot of freedom, that does not mean that we, the Higher-Ups, will not allow bullying in any way (i.e. being controlling, harassing, etc.). Also, if you are transferring any anomalies from the SCP Foundation/the RPC Authority/the SCR Company or vise versa, please change the information as necessary.


Recent temporal activity has been sighted by Site 2. A fizzling grey rectangle, almost shaped in proportions to a door, has opened up and seems to be blending the fabrics of our own reality with another. We think that this may be a portal but nothing has come in or out of the rift. Armed guards have been set up along the perimeter of the area and have been told to open fire on any hostile thing that comes out of the portal.

Containment Update

Following the changes that have occurred to TRAP-019, it has been determined that a temporary containment cell is to be set up around the rift. This is largely due to the speculations that an unknown temporal energy is actively leaking out of said rift and causing physical changes to our anomalies.

If you or anyone you know has seen similar sightings, report this information to the Higher-Ups immediately.

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